User Guide

Create account and install application

Before you can start taking tests you have to install the application on your mobile device and create an account on our website. When creating an account please specify your first name, last name, email and the password that you want to use for login. Then add a student by entering student's first and last names, and the date of birth. If you want to register more than one student you can do it later in your user profile when you login to the website.


Once you have created an account you can use its credentials to login to both the website and mobile application.

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Notice: Please be aware of a significant amount of incoming traffic during the first start. Consider using Wi-Fi instead of the data plan at that time.

Start taking tests

When you just started the application you get to the first screen with the list of grades. Select a grade and then proceed to the subject and topic selection. When you get to the list of exercises, select an exercise and start solving tasks by answering questions.

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Tip: For the elementary school students the parent's or teacher's guidence is recommended. Complete a few tests together with the child. Show her how to enter an answer and proceed to the next question. If a test consists of more than one question it is recommended to answer all questions within the test before proceeding to the next test or leaving the app.

Press the "Back" button at the top left corner to go back to the list of topics, subjects or grades. The app will memorize the place where you stopped and will resume when you continue with the exercise. All completed tasks will be marked and you will be able to see the number of correct and incorrect answers.

Student Profile

The button in the left upper corner of the screen will bring you to the student profile. The profile contains the information about completed tasks, the number of correct answers, the time of the last test, the time of the last synchronization with the server and the logout button. You can also switch to another student's profile if you have registered multiple students.

12th Grade for iOS

Server Synchronization

If the Internet connection is enabled on your mobile device, test results will be uploaded to the server automatically. Otherwise, the results are stored locally on the device. Once the Internet connection is established click on the synchronization button in the main menu to ensure the results transfer, or just wait for automatic synchronization:

12th Grade for iOS

The data synchronization is necessary for the statistics to show up on the website.

We wish you excellent results.