What is the 12th Grade application for?

12th Grade is an extracurricular activities tool that helps students to exercise their theoretical knowledge based on the school program. By practicing at home or on the go, using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, students get a chance to better memorize the material they have learned at school, while parents can conveniently review the results and track their children's progress remotely through the website on the statistics page. It will give parents a better understanding of what areas of the learning program require more attention.

What do I need to be able to work with the application?

First, you need to register by creating a new account on the website. During the registration enter your first and last names, email and the password you are going to use to login to the system. Then you need to add a student that is going to take tests - this will enable the statistics page on the website. If you want to register multiple students you can do it in your user profile after you login to the website.

After the successful registration you need to download the mobile application for your mobile device. The following platforms are currently supported: Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. Use your website account credentials to login to the mobile application.

How many students can take tests on one mobile device?

Yes, several students can work with the system on one mobile device. Please add each student to your user profile on the website. Then, in the mobile application, you will be able to switch between their profiles by pressing the "Change Student" button in the main menu - here you can select the student from the list of registered students. Once a student is selected he or she can start taking tests.

Is it free?

Yes, you can register on the website and use the 12th Grade mobile application free of charge.